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First they’ll criticize our slang. Make us seem uneducated for using it, when the reality is they’re mad we can code switch. Then they’ll use our slang mockingly. Like they really don’t want to use it, but it’s so absurd they can’t help themselves. Then they’ll make money off our slang, t-shirts, cups, bracelets, etc. Then they’ll convince us it was never really ours. It’s been public domain forever.

Feel free to replace the word “Slang” with neighborhoods, and music too.


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everybody wants to be black but noone wants to be black. 

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Amber Riley has great style. Ever since she busted on the scene as Mercedes in Glee she has become the cool and sassy stylish friend in our head. What we love about Amber’s style is that she breaks fashion rules, she stays on trend, and she slays the red carpet with her elegant gowns from designers like Tadashi Shoji and Theia.

Because we love Amber’s style so much, we thought we would give you  a little breakdown and tips on how to dress your plus size curves. [X]